Candidacy Application & Information

The Category of Candidate for Accreditation 

This category of affiliation with the New England Association is designed primarily for schools that seek to work toward membership in and accreditation by the Association. Recognition by the Association of the institution in this category is accomplished only after a school has submitted a formal application with detailed information as to its mission, organization and structure, professional staff, curriculum, admissions policy, physical plant, and immediate and long-range plans. The school is visited by a committee representing the Commission on Independent Schools of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc., and a report on the visit and the material supplied by the school is reviewed by the Commission to determine whether a school is granted recognition as a Candidate for Accreditation.
Recognition as a Candidate for Accreditation is not to be confused with membership in or accreditation by the Association. It is assumed that this is a step toward membership in and accreditation by the Association. The school's recognition as a Candidate for Accreditation is reviewed annually by the Commission on Independent Schools. An institution may be in the category for a maximum of five years, except by special vote of the Commission on Independent Schools.

The following Application for Candidate for Accreditation is intended to help the school review its readiness for accreditation and to provide background about the school for the visiting committee. It is not intended to be a full self-study and may be completed by the head of school with whatever help that person chooses. The narrative portion of this report should not exceed ten pages.

Upon receipt of the application, the Director of the Commission will assess a Candidate Evaluation Fee equal to the annual membership fee for a school with that enrollment.

For more about this process, please see Instructions for Candidacy Visit.