Under normal circumstances a school seeking affiliation with the Association would first go through the Candidate for Accreditation process. The category of Candidate for Accreditation is not to be confused with membership in and accreditation by the Association.   

For a school to be recognized as a Candidate for Accreditation, it must meet the following criteria:
a.       It must be a nonpublic school that is separately incorporated under the relevant laws of the state in which it is located or a member of a school system.
b.       At least one year of operation of the school program must have been completed.
c.       The institution must be developing in accordance with the general Standards for Accreditation for independent schools in NEASC.
d.       The school must provide academic programs leading to a diploma or appropriate certificate issued by the school being considered.
e.       It is expected that the majority of students spend at least one year enrolled in such a program or for a full semester in a semester-length program.
f.        In the case of a proprietary school, that the school has a governing body which meets the criteria set forth in the Commission Policy on Governing Bodies for Proprietary Schools.