5-Year Interim Report

The Commission on Independent Schools requires that you submit a Five-Year Interim Evaluation Report due on the date noted in the letter received by the school following Commission action on your Two-Year Interim Evaluation Report.  Please provide all information as directed and email your report and supporting documents to: CISreports@neasc.org.

Schools will receive a reminder letter with forms enclosed at least 6 months prior to the report due date.  This report form is appropriate for all editions of the Manual for School Evaluation used for the self-study, and for schools with joint accreditation.

  • Five-Year Interim Evaluation Report form - PDF - MSWord

The following exemplary 5-Year Reports were submitted to CIS and are posted by permission of the schools.  Please note that sensitive information has been redacted, and the complete submission to CIS may have included additional attachments beyond what is linked below.

St. Paul's School, Concord, NH

St. Cecilia School, Stamford, CT

"I had no idea that all the time we spent in the area of safety [for this report] was going to be so necessary until after Newtown...Until you put the spotlight on yourself, you don't realize how helpful this process is."

                            Dr. Joann Borchetta
                            Principal, St. Cecilia School, Stamford, CT