Substantive Change Report

A school will submit a Substantive Change Report when one or more grades, an Early Childhood Program*, Residential Program or Post-Graduate Program are added. 

*For NEASC accreditation, Early Childhood is defined as three-year and four-year old children. NEASC does not accredit Early Childhood Programs that serve children under the age of three. However, if schools enroll children younger than three years old, they must provide documentation attesting that those programs meet health and safety regulations/guidelines as required in your state.

Please report substantive changes by sending us a letter or reporting it on your Annual Report in the fall.  You may also contact a member of the CIS staff for more information, including specific due dates.

If a substantive change report has been requested from your school, please submit an electronic copy of the completed report to Upon receipt of the report, CIS staff will determine whether a visit to the school is warranted to supplement and clarify the information provided.

Report forms and instructions for filing a Substantive Change Report are below:

  Policy and Procedure for a Substantive Change Report
  Substantive Change Report form - PDF - Word
  Compliance with the Standards for Accreditation Related to a Substantive Change - PDF - Word