Reporting Homestay Programs

The Commission has observed the significant (and increasing) numbers of international students enrolling in member day schools. The interest of international students in attending our schools presents great opportunities, but it also calls on the Commission to consider its responsibilities in the context of accreditation. The Commission must maintain its standards to assure the well-being of those students and the continual institutional integrity of our schools. Furthermore, the Department of Homeland Security relies on NEASC accreditation when approving schools to receive international students.

Schools are asked to include homestay students when providing enrollment figures on each year's Annual Report.

In addition, the Commission will request a Report on Standard 8: Homestay Program from schools that enroll any homestay students. Homestay students are those students (usually international) who live with someone unrelated to them, as with a host family in the local area. Upon receipt of the report, CIS staff will determine whether a visit to the school is warranted to supplement and clarify the information provided.

Report forms and instructions for filing a Report on Standard 8: Homestay Program are below:

  Policy and Procedure for a Report on Standard 8: Homestay Program
  Report on Standard 8: Homestay Program Form - PDF - Word
  Compliance with the Standards for Accreditation Related to a Homestay Program - PDF - Word

Please submit an electronic copy of your report to: