Resources for Parents & Teachers

Young people, parents, and teachers often consult the NEASC website looking for information about our member schools because they are thinking of enrolling a student or are looking for employment. The Directory of Member Schools provides an alphabetical listing by state with direct links to the websites of schools in most cases. There is also a limited capacity to search this list by category of school. 

Young people and/or their parents who are thinking about a new school may find that “How to Find the Right School” provides useful guidance as they begin their search.  

We have gathered links to the websites of a number of Independent School Associations that serve schools in New England. These also provide general advice on selecting a school and other information that may be useful. Teachers interested in Job Opportunities will also find these websites helpful since most maintain lists of job openings for their members that are updated regularly. Residential schools, nationally, may be found through The Association of Boarding Schools. The Catholic School Offices of the eleven New England Dioceses maintain separate websites that include information for families and teachers.   The website of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) is an excellent resource and includes monographs on many issues that may be of interest. 

People who have had an unhappy experience with a school may ask whether accreditation offers a way to hold the school accountable. The NEASC Complaint Policy spells out how a complaint against a school may be submitted and the process the Commission will follow in response. You will note that the Commission cannot intervene on behalf of individuals or investigate specific experiences; however, the Commission will inquire into allegations that a school is not meeting one or more of the Standards for Accreditation and, if it finds that to be the case, will take action to see that the school brings itself into compliance.