Catholic Schools Edition

In March 2014, the Catholic Schools Edition of the Standards and Indicators was prepared collaboratively by the Commission on Independent Schools and the Superintendents of Schools of the New England Dioceses. Indicators related to Catholic identity have been added to several Standards to prompt a special focus within the general reflection, assessment and planning of the Self-Study. (Indicators relating to Catholic identity are in bold.) A separate section in Part II of the Self-Study draws together insights concerning Catholic identity and formulates plans to enhance this central element of mission. A summary of all the new indicators was also developed to be used by schools apart from the decennial review.

  • Standards and Indicators: Catholic Schools 2017 Edition (complete) (PDF)
  • Standards for Accreditation and Indicators (PDF)
  • Catholic Schools Indicator Checklists (MSWord)
  • Self-Study Part II: Reflection, Recommendations, and Issues for Further Discussion (PDF)
  • Summary of New Indicators for Self-Study Apart from the Decennial Review (PDF)