Standard 1 (Mission)

There is congruence between the school’s stated mission and core values and its actual program, policies, planning, and decision-making at both the operational and governance levels.

Suggested Indicators:

1.a.    The mission of the school is stated clearly.

1.b.    The mission of the school is embraced by all constituencies and linked to all aspects of school operations.

1.c.    The mission statement is reviewed regularly, using a process that involves representatives of major constituencies of the school, as appropriate.

1.d.    The school community is engaged in reflecting on ways to enrich the application of the mission in all aspects of the program.

1.e.    The school’s climate and culture support an effective educational program, consistent with its stated mission.  

1.f.    Requirements and expectations of students, parents, faculty, trustees, and employees clearly reflect the values and mission of the school.

1.g.    The culture of the school reflects a commitment to implementing the mission of the school.