Standard 11 (Evaluation and Assessment)

The school engages in forms of programmatic assessment consistent with fulfilling its mission and core values.  This data is used to inform decision-making and planning.

Suggested Indicators:

11.a.    The school conducts annual program review and revision based on assessment of student performance.

11.b.    The school uses some form of longitudinal assessment of student performance (such as portfolio assessment).

11.c.    The school conducts exit interviews of students and faculty and uses the data to inform admissions and program planning.

11.d.    The school has procedures to follow-up on the experiences of alumni/ae and uses the data to inform admissions and program planning.

11.e.    The school brings in consultants and/or visitors from other schools to participate in the periodic evaluation of programs.

11.f.     The vitality/influence of the mission in the life of the school is assessed.

11.g.    The school participates in state sponsored learning results activities, as appropriate.

11.h.    The school carries out programs for supervision and evaluation of all personnel that are understood by all concerned.

11.i.     Those responsible for leadership engage in periodic self-evaluation of their performance.

11.j.     The school develops and publishes a policy and plan on diversity and difference, derived from its mission and core values that it uses to evaluate the status of the school in this regard and to guide planning to achieve goals.

11.k.    If applicable, the school’s plans for developing, sustaining, and expanding online courses are integrated into the overall planning and evaluation procedures of the school.