Standard 12 (Health and Safety)

The school is a safe place that supports the physical, emotional and cognitive health and development of all students, faculty and staff.

Suggested Indicators:

12.a.  The school’s climate, policies and procedures, rooted in inclusivity and empathy, honor the dignity of every person in their community.

12.b.  Students affirm they are supported in the development of relationships (student to student and student to faculty) based in trust and mutual respect.

12.c.  The school has sufficient services and personnel to support the emotional, social and psychological needs of the students.

12.d.  The school thoroughly and regularly educates and trains all personnel in the legal requirements of mandatory reporting, appropriate emotional and physical boundaries and healthy relationships.
12.e.  The school hires personnel using thorough and consistent practices, including background checks and personal references.

12.f.  The school’s policy for written professional references respects both the integrity of author and subject and the necessity for honesty and candor.

12.g. The physical facilities and staffing for healthcare are adequate to meet the needs of the student body, whether residential or day.

12.h. Facilities and staff for food services are adequate and the quality of the food meets reasonable nutritional requirements.

12.i.  The school’s Crisis Response Plan is comprehensive, understood and practiced by faculty, staff, students and, where appropriate, parents.

12.j.  The school continually audits and validates the systems, facilities and practices that insure the safety of the school community.

12.k.  There is a person or committee with responsibility for reviewing safety provisions for on-campus and off-campus activities, including field trips, athletic events, wilderness expeditions, etc.

12.l.   The school requires appropriate adult-student supervision during school hours and all school-sponsored student activities and programs.

12.m. The school has a reporting procedure in place to document and follow-up on any incidents regarding health and safety of students and staff.