Standard 13 (Communication)

The school maintains effective systems of external and internal communication and record keeping that inform all constituents and facilitate participation where appropriate.

Suggested Indicators: 

13.a.    The school maintains complete and accurate records for both current and former students that are protected against loss by fire or theft and are available only to authorized persons.

13.b.    The school publishes current school policies and procedures in handbooks or makes them readily available in other forms to the affected constituencies, and effectively implements the policies as published.

13.c.    The school has a mechanism in place for input from staff into decision-making regarding personnel policies, budget preparation, and other areas, as appropriate.

13.d.    Information regarding the financial responsibilities of the parent/guardian or student to the institution is clearly stated in writing and is made available prior to enrollment.

13.e.    There is a procedure for determining equitable adjustments in tuition and other financial obligations existing between the parent/guardian and the institution.

13.f.    Appropriate channels are available for parents to reflect their concerns and interests to school personnel.

13.g.    Student progress is reported regularly to parents in a clear and comprehensive manner.

13.h.    The school structures ways to work with parents/guardians proactively.  The school is aware of the ways in which families from diverse backgrounds and socio-economic status are affected by school policies and programs.

13.i.    The school maintains complete and accurate records for staff and faculty members that are available only to authorized persons and are protected against loss by fire, theft, or technological failure.

13.j.    There is an internal communication system to distribute minutes of meetings, give notice of decisions, and inform the school community of events and other news.