Standard 14 (Infrastructure)

There are adequate resources (personnel, finances, facilities, equipment, and materials) to provide for the overall institutional needs of the school.

Suggested Indicators:

14.a.    The school has appropriate procedures for accounting and for auditing the accounts of the school.

14.b.    The school has adequate financial resources for the needs of the school.

14.c.    The school has adequate provision for insurance coverage.

14.d.    The physical facilities of the school are appropriately maintained.

14.e.    There is a recent facilities plan covering future needs, improvements, and additions. 

14.f.     The school has a clear picture of its long and short-term development needs and the plans, organization, and staffing to meet those needs.

14.g.    The school has an institutional technology plan that provides for the coordination of academic and administrative functions, defines the technological services available, projects needs and directions, and describes the management system.