Standard 15 (The Accreditation Process)

The school is fully committed to institutional improvement and to the process of accreditation.  The school completed an inclusive self-study, conducted in a spirit of full disclosure and following Association guidelines; responds to Commission recommendations and the requirement to meet all standards; and participates fully in the peer review process, hosting a visiting committee and sending personnel to serve on visiting committees to other institutions.

Suggested Indicators:

15.a.    The school has completed a thorough self-study in accordance with NEASC policies, including Part II:  Reflection, Recommendations, and Issues for Further Discussion.

15.b.    Administration, professional staff and those with governance responsibilities have actively participated in and are familiar with the self-study and its findings.

15.c.    The school has in place a procedure for follow-up on plans and strategies found in its own self-study and on recommendations in the Visiting Committee Report and to integrate improvement plans resulting from the self-study into the school’s multi-year plan.

15.d.    The school participates in the Association’s peer based accreditation process and is represented on visiting committees to other schools.