Standard 2 (Governance)

The school has an appropriate system of governance that assures that the school remains true to its mission and that it has the necessary resources to support its present and prospective operations.

Suggested Indicators:

2.a.    The governance of the school is clearly defined, understood by all constituents, and provides for:

  • continuity of mission
  • stability and ethical process in transitions of leadership
  • a comprehensive, multi-year planning process
  • assurance of adequate financial resources
  • institutional advancement/development
  • evaluation of and support of the professional growth of the Head of School
  • a model of inclusive behavior and integrity for the school community
  • establishing and monitoring needed school policies
  • self-evaluation of individuals and groups with governance responsibilities
  • defined orientation and evaluation procedures

2.b.    The governing body demonstrates and clearly communicates its commitment to the mission. 

2.c.    Provision is made for participation of all constituencies in the policy-making process, as appropriate.

2.d.    The school engages in multi-year planning.  

2.e.    There is an understood delegation of decision making that gives the Head of School the capacity to exercise effective educational leadership.