Standard 3 (Enrollment)

The admissions process assures that those students who enroll are appropriate, given the school’s mission, and are likely to benefit from their experience at the school.

Suggested Indicators:

3.a.    The school in its public relations materials presents an accurate description of its mission, organization, staff, program, and facilities.

3.b.    The mission of the school is reviewed with prospective families.

3.c.    The school has clearly stated procedures for the admission of students, which are developmentally appropriate at different levels.

3.d.    The school has developed a profile of its student body that defines the range and type of students suitable for admission.  

3.e.    If tuition assistance is offered, there are clearly stated policies and procedures for the application for and award of grants which are consistent with the mission of the school.

3.f.    The school uses information concerning the performance of students and graduates in evaluating admissions procedures.

3.g.    The school undertakes an analysis of the reasons students depart prior to graduation and uses the results to inform admissions procedures and program revisions.

3.h.    Those responsible for admissions communicate with those responsible for the program of the school to assure that necessary resources are available to meet the needs of individual students who are admitted.

3.i.    The admissions staff communicates regularly with the teaching faculty about the specific talents/strengths/skills/needs of newly enrolled students.