Standard 4 (Program)

The school provides a comprehensive program of intellectual, aesthetic, and physical activities that is appropriate to support the school’s mission and core values, and is consistent with the needs of the range of students admitted.  Program planning is informed by relevant research regarding how students learn and the knowledge and capacities they will need to lead purposeful and constructive lives.

Suggested Indicators:

4.a.    Professional development time is used for faculty to research, study, and discuss issues of teaching and learning and the capacities students will need to develop.

4.b.    The school's program demonstrates consideration for the appropriate intellectual, social, physical, aesthetic, emotional and ethical development of students in all aspects of school and student life.

4.c.    The curriculum demonstrates continuity from year to year.

4.d.    The school has a policy for regularly reviewing the academic program and has completed a recent, written curriculum plan outlining desirable and/or necessary improvements.

4.e.    Attention is paid to transitions between grade levels and/or divisions of the school so as to facilitate passage of students from one level/division to another.

4.f.    The program offers a variety of cultural experiences to reflect (a) the diversity of students enrolled and (b) the multicultural nature of the region, country, and world.

4.g.    The school recognizes developmental levels of children and takes them into consideration in planning the program and teaching methodologies.

4.h.    The school evaluates the academic rigor, effectiveness, and integrity of online courses that its students take and of any online courses that the school itself offers, on a regular basis.