Standard 6 (Resources to Support the Program)

Given the school’s mission, there are adequate resources (space, equipment, technology, materials, and community) to support the school’s program.

Suggested Indicators:

6.a.    Instructional facilities (including space, furnishings, and play/recreation areas) are adequate for the instructional program and are age appropriate.

6.b.    There are instructional materials and equipment in sufficient quality, quantity, and variety to give effective support to the aims and methods of the program.

6.c.    The school has a library plan which is integrated with the curriculum and which provides students with age appropriate experiences in research and reading and supports the broad purposes of the educational program.

6.d.    The school has an academic technology plan, developed by teachers and academic leaders, covering the integration of technology into the various components of the program and providing for the professional development of teachers in the implementation of this plan.

6.e.    The school has in place an acceptable use policy of which students and families are informed, and the school provides information to students and families on the appropriate and ethical use of technology.

6.f.     There are procedures in place to assure that teachers have a leading role in planning the use of technology in their teaching.

6.g.    Non-academic programs, if available, are consistent with the school’s mission and are well organized, supplied, and staffed.

6.h.    The schedule is planned by day and year to provide for the total program.

6.i      The school interacts with the community in which it is located and avails itself of community resources.

6.j.     The school strives to be a positive member of the community in which it exists, is sensitive to the interests of its neighbors, and takes appropriate advantage of the character of its setting.

6.k.    The financial aid resources committed to students and their families reflect the goals and mission of the school.

6.l.     The school has sufficient resources to support any online courses it does offer.