Standard 8 (Residential Program and/or Homestay Program)

The residential program and/or homestay program provide for an intentional curriculum, appropriate facilities, engaging activities, and adequate supervision to meet the needs of each student.

Residential Program Indicators
Homestay Program Indicators

Suggested Indicators (Residential Program):

8.a.    The residential program is consistent with the mission of the school.

8.b.    Residential staff are qualified to meet the needs of students under their care and supervision.

8.c.    The residential program is integrated into the total life of the school, especially with regard to the interaction with day students.

8.d.    Evening, weekend, and vacation activities are actively planned, as part of the residential curriculum, to meet the needs of the students.

8.e.    The school provides for the needs of international students, students with limited financial resources, and students who have difficulty adjusting to being away from home.

8.f.     If technological services, such as computers, Internet access, email, and/or telephones, are included in residential areas, there is a process to ensure that policies and procedures are consistent with the school’s overall technology plan and acceptable use policy.

8.g.    Through a well-defined process involving students, parents, and staff, a regular review of the residential program is accomplished which is intended to lead to revisions and/or improvements.

8.h.    There are clearly-stated, written, and understood expectations for residential students and staff.

8.i.     Students are included in planning and developing policies, expectations, and programs.


Suggested Indicators (Homestay Program):

8.j.    The homestay program is consistent with the mission of the school.

8.k.    The school has a formal contract with homestay families if there is a direct placement or with an agency that provides homestay placements.

8.l.     The school assures that homestay facilities are safe and clean, and provide sufficient living space.

8.m.    There is a clearly defined process in place to screen host families, including a background check, and a process for matching student and family interests. 

8.n.    There is a procedure to include host families and students in defining and understanding the ethical and legal responsibilities of the school, host families, and students. 

8.o.    The school has clearly-stated, written, and understood expectations for the school, host families, and students regarding the student academic program and experiences both during the school week and on weekends and vacations, and these expectations and responsibilities are published and disseminated in a school handbook.

8.p.    The school has a well-defined process, which includes students and host families, to regularly review the homestay program and the experience of the students for the purpose of improvement.

8.q.    The school has procedures in place to integrate international and other students living in homestay situations into the school’s social and academic fabric.