Standard 9 (Faculty)

There is a sufficient number of appropriately qualified faculty to carry out the mission of the school and the school follows a comprehensive and defined program of professional development that supports continued enhancement of teachers’ skills.

Suggested Indicators: 

9.a.    The school has a procedure for recruiting professional staff who are the best available for the tasks to be performed and for the mission of the school, and also has a procedure for screening and interviewing candidates and providing them with necessary background information about the school.

9.b.    Academic personnel are qualified by education, training, or experience in the areas to which they are assigned.

9.c.    Academic personnel are regularly trained in the areas of skills, content, and the context of a multicultural society.

9.d.    The school has a shared understanding of teaching excellence.

9.e.    The school has a defined program for the evaluation and supervision of teachers.

9.f.     Personnel practices provide ethical treatment among all faculty, administration, and staff with respect to compensation, workloads, and working conditions.

9.g.    The school demonstrates a commitment to staff development by providing opportunity for and expecting participation in professional growth and development.

9.h.    The faculty are treated with respect and the school sets clear expectations for their professional behavior.

9.i.     If the school offers online courses, faculty responsible for providing these courses are appropriately qualified, trained, supported, and evaluated.